In the last week, two separate people kicked the confidence out of me, or so I thought. They said to me, “Nah, you’re not about the meditation. That’s not your thing.” The two separate comments came at different times over the week. I believed them. I gave away my self confidence. I believed them, because I had forgotten I had a say in my work. Of course it’s not my thing, if I don’t own it. You’ve gotta either recognize the futility, or own it, for bird’s sake.

I forgot who I was. I forgot that I have lived a remarkable life, full of adventure. I forget, for a moment, that I have any say in who I am. Then, I saw this video. It brought me back to a more adventurous me. It hit the reset button for me, as it were, a simple shift that has polished away a bit more fog.

This is why we meditate. With a mindfulness practice, we find the extraordinary within the ordinary. With greater awareness, confidence strengthens and grows.

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