The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Schools of Science, Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Humanities and Social Sciences and Management joined forces to produce the MIT-India Conference initiative. In 2012, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev gave this keynote address with a perspective that you may be hard pressed to find in the United States.  Yet as we forge paths into the New Millennium, we also are finding how mindfulness practices, found in many different cultures, all bring us to a heightened state of clarity.

This talk unveiled an ‘aha’ moment for me. For years I’ve dreamed about whether World Peace were possible or not. Sadhguru transformed my reveries with one insight. He said, “The world need not be fixed. If we generate the right kind of human beings, the world will be a wonderful place to live in. We are the only problem right now. Is any other creature a problem on this planet?”

That point struck me right between the eyes.

“If you want to enjoy your lunch, you have to be reasonably peaceful. Otherwise, you cannot even enjoy your lunch,” says Sadhguru. He points out that studies show we perform much better wen we have a certain amount of peace in our lives.

Whatever happens to you in life depends on what happens within you. Do you agree? Thank s for giving your ideas below.

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