Technology and software are never really objective. Any technology created came from a thought, a desire, on the part of the creator, to make life easier. Software, a process that uses technology, is forever evolving, just like our lives evolve.  Open source software, for example, allows many different writers to contribute to the creation, and it continues to grow. Part of mindfulness is remembering that we still have new things and ways to learn.

 Technology And Software As Windows Into Our Behavior

We continue to grow with every experience. Compare software with the mental and emotional imprints we receive in our lives. We cultivate our own software inside, born of all the people and experiences we are connected with. Yogi and Visionary Sadhguru expresses insight on how to stay joyful in this video clip below. Click on the video to watch:

Technology Insights Help Improve Our Inner Software Of Emotions

All of us are capable of joy. If you have been joyful for even one moment, you can produce joy spontaneously. There is no human being on the plant who has not been joyful. It’s just that we have trouble staying there. You are the chemical, the chemist, and the chemical process. Maybe we need a new technology as to how to maintain that atmosphere within ourselves.

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